We use our best efforts to keep our work as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. From the materials we choose, to the way we dispose them, we a committed to protecting our earth without compromising quality.


We are a proud supporter of Sherwin Williams products and their effort to keep their materials and productions as eco-friendly as possible.

Visit their website of more information on their sustainability processes here.

Prep. Work

The masking tape we use is made from 50% renewable resources with the adhesive made with natural rubber. 70% of the core is made from post-consumer waste and it is manufactured in a site certified for energy management (ISO 50001 certified).


When a job is complete, we properly disposed of tape, paper, plastic tarp  and any rags that are not in good condition to reuse. 

A portion of the excess paint is always left with our customers. The remaining paint repurposed for various other jobs/projects, when possible, and, otherwise, is taken to a waste management site to be disposed of properly.